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Who Are We?

At Nimbus Global, we develop intelligent IT solutions that make a difference for companies and people. Our solutions simplify and optimize processes, create jobs, and make working life and everyday digital actions easier for all of us.

Our realtion with our customers is a strategic partnership based on honesty, openness, transparency and mutual trust. When we advise you on a solution, we do so because we believe it is the right and most optimal thing for your company.


We engage 100% in your business and are skilled at understanding your needs and business. We work for customers who, like you, have recurring tasks and the financial muscle to develop your business. We have the necessary tech stack and skilled project manager who will get your IT project to the finish line.

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Our Services

We have collected all our services, solutions and advice. In our new brochure, it’s the only brochure you need to get started on streamlining your IT Solutions.

Our Values


We demonstrate and expect honesty between all parties. We want our customers and our employees to be open and honest with us, and we offer the same in return.


At Nimbus Global. We are open about the mistakes we make and always share them with you. We do it because we belive in honesty and transparency in the professional world


At Nimbus Global. We always appreciate that the work is done properly. We do not choose to cut corners or slack on your project, otherwise we do not live up to our values

Our Customers

We help companies modernise their IT. Are you next?