Nimbus Global


Compliance Solutions

Before you start your process, you must create an overview of the most important areas for the organization and of the various IT activities.


We then prioritize the tasks and create a plan to secure the areas that are most important.


If you want to get started together with Nimbus Nordic, our consultants can act as a link and trusted advisor across organizations to ensure synergy and uniformity in the work with data compliance.


We can thus help you with:

– To create an overview of the rules and policies that the organization lives by and must live up to according to data


– Find the inconsistencies in relation to legislation and industry standards


– Create a plan for how your organization becomes data compliant


– To close the “holes in the cheese” you had to have in relation to compliance


– To help the organization to connect lawyers and data professionals, so that we can create solutions that create value, within the framework of the law